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A little serious mad Belgian episode.

The New “Uzivati” album has arrived!

It’s here! Uzivati’s long-awaited second album, “Tender Krech”, has finally arrived! Available for only a tenner  -just order over email 🙂 Join us tonight for the release concert!  

“Le Nez” de Gogol

Une voix. Un saxophone. C’était en juin. Une belle lecture en musique avec mon ami Didier Marin, comédien, qui a enchanté de sa lecture expressive ce texte pour le moins original… Une lecture c’est facile à préparer: il suffit d’avoir un espace et du public, nous pouvons…

It’s finally raining

I was always attracted to failures and cracks to the odd, to the wild, to mystery It’s your many quirks that at first seduced me And now I’ve finally surrendered to your attacks After 10 years, I’ve had enough of these games, I’m finally yours, it’s over, you got me But…

AAARRRGGGHHH (a cry for help)

This morning I woke up to read this wonderful news: Donald Trump has decided to withdraw from the Paris agreement. Of course he did. And although some argue this is “more symbol than substance”, it struck a chord of desperation in me. Desperation at the thought of all…


Sometimes I get cranky I can’t help it, really I do things on my own, Like an odd and lonely soul I’m told I’m too quirky But that’s the only way for me I often don’t realise That’s not the regular path I’d love to be normal…

The Colour TV conspiracy and other stories

A mad Belgian: Episode 8!!! In this episode: Isis new fundraising strategy, a grammar activist & The colour TV conspiracy. Oh, and a poem: A Tacky Take on Tasty Tomatoes

Remember it’s all luck (Tim Minchin’s Lesson n°3)

About a year ago, I stumbled upon Tim Minchin on the internet and was immediately caught. A great writer, singer, pianist & actor with a fantastic (if slightly odd) sense of humour… who could ask for anything more? Always measured in my enthusiasms, I thus immediately spent all of my…

I don’t want to live this way (song to be)

  I ruminate on the meaning of life, I ruminate on the meaning of loveI ruminate on my jealousy, on my inconsistencies   I ruminate on my local pub, I ruminate on friendship I ruminate on food, I ruminate on fitness   I ruminate on censorship,…

The Independent Bee & other tales

Dear reader, Let me start this piece of writing with an apology Indeed, I must confess its title is faulty Inasmuch as the other tales of this brilliant collection Are at present still locked inside my imagination Don’t worry though, I didn’t lie, I’m sure the future will Bring more…

Episode 3: Drive-Thru Blessings & other strange facts

A MAD BELGIAN — Episode 3: In this week’s edition: a random encounter, a few fun facts & a song. Enjoy, and feel free to comment, like & share! PLEASE support “A mad Belgian” on Patreon:

35 souls max

A tiny tiny gem in Central Brussels 35 seats max You’ll need patience and luck to discover the place But you will go back Arthème welcomes you to his living room cafe He shows you around the little cabaret Take a seat, make yourself at home Have…

Quadruple Haiku

Doubt is here to stay
I feel it very strongly
Don’t know what to do

A mad Belgian: Episode 2 is out folks!

The very SECOND edition of “A mad Belgian”. In this week’s edition:  -a random encounter on a train -a film-like week AND The “Sound Song“: PLEASE support “A mad Belgian” on Patreon

The surprising wonderfulness of that first Patreon patron

Today I got my first ever “Patron” on Patreon. And I must say I didn’t expect this to have such a massive effect on me: as soon as I saw that someone had decided to support me and this blog & podcast project with a few bucks a…

First ever episode of “A mad Belgian”

In this increasingly mad world, I find that we need, more than ever, to share ideas, opinions & stories, to discuss, and to tell the stories of these “little nothings” that make life worth living. Which is why I’ve recently taken up to publishing episodes of…

Sound Song

  Sound. Safe and sound. I only feel safe when there’s sound around. Sound. Safe and sound. It makes me feel less lonely. Which is why, I always leave the radio on, and listen on and on and on…   To the news, the news, and…

Amour Rouge: Tomate à la mode Alexandrine

Votre beauté m’enivre et j’en perds la raison De la cerise vous avez la petitesse La couleur et la forme, puis la délicatesse Madame je vous admire, c’est une déclaration Ce qui m’a vraiment plu, C’est votre discrétion Vous n’êtes pas comme les autres, vous avez…

Uzivati — New video

Une vidéo des concerts de la semaine passée à La Samaritaine, d’un morceau INEDIT, qui plus est: Play/Stop, une composition d’Alessio Campanozzi. Merci à Lucas Hoyois d’avoir filmé ceci, en plus d’avoir assuré le son et les lumières avec brio! Bonne écoute 🙂  

The Greatest Tomato in the World

Gardening work is quite often portrayed As a doing that brings serenity But it has never been the case for me Unless my crop can be proudly displayed This time I slaved, I cried, suffered and prayed I wanted to impress with a veggie Produced right…

Belgian flag warning

This yellow mug on that yellow desk I always thought it was grotesque Close to a black teapot, what is next? A red table cloth and too Belgian I’ll get via Daily Prompt: Yellow

Brief Encounter — in 300 words

Traditional dancing is by far my favourite leisure activity. When I go to a ball or a Ceilidh my heart starts pounding. I feel like a Princess as every frog-like man I dance with briefly turns into a Prince, and, if only for an evening, everything…